Investment Process

We follow a thorough 5-step process in developing and implementing your investment strategy.

  1. Determine Investment Profile – We will work with you to analyze your financial situation, investment objectives, risk tolerance and time horizon to determine your Investment Profile.
  2. Develop Asset Allocation – We’ll design an asset allocation strategy that addresses the needs, goals and overall situation as outlined in your Investment Profile, integrating this information with ASIA’s market outlook.
  3. Perform Investment Selection – We develop your portfolio with our specialized sub-advisors, customizing these selections to your needs. 
  4. Monitor Portfolio and Refine Strategy – We monitor your portfolio and may make strategic and or tactical adjustments based on our market outlook.  We will evaluate the investments and sub-advisors in your portfolio, and suggest changes if deemed necessary.
  5. Deliver Reporting and Review – We will provide a statement outlining performance, market commentary and a summary of market values and cash flows to help you evaluate the progress of your investment strategy.