Rollover IRAs

We believe that simplifying your finances is an important element of a sensible financial strategy.  By consolidating IRAs, you’ll have a more complete view of your overall financial picture, making it easier to maintain appropriate asset allocations.  Properly managing your retirement assets is one option that allows your assets to continue to grow tax-deferred.

Consolidating retirement assets

Rollover IRAs allow you to combine money from employer-sponsored plans, such as 401(k), 403(b) and governmental 457 plans, as well as existing IRAs, into one IRA account. Consolidating retirement accounts can simplify money management by helping you keep better track of your total retirement assets and investment performance, including the asset allocation of your investments and the costs associated with your investments.

Investment flexibility

A Rollover IRA generally gives you more flexibility in choosing investments because you’re not limited to the investments in your employer’s plan. More investment choice means more opportunity to diversify your investments and adjust them when your needs change.

Call us for help with the process and to help you choose investments based on your specific needs.

You should consider all applicable fees, expenses and features before transferring your retirement assets.