Investment Solutions

Professional guidance and a full complement of customized investment solutions across the spectrum of traditional and alternative asset classes.  Components of a diversified portfolio are as follows:

Liquidity Management – Cash, Short Duration

U.S. Fixed Income Taxable and tax-exempt – Short Duration, Intermediate Duration, Long Duration, Corporates, Inflation-linked bonds, Global Fixed Income, Global multi-currency fixed income, Global emerging markets

U.S. Equity Securities – Large cap, Mid cap, Small cap

Non-U.S. Equity – Global equities, Global emerging market equities,  Regional equities, Country-specific equities, EAFE equities

Alternative Investments – Funds of hedge funds, Private equity, Derivatives, Structured products, Foreign exchange, Precious metals, Commodities, Real Estate, REITS, RELPS


Fixed Income – Capital Preservation – Consistent income – Reduced portfolio volatility

Equities – Capital Appreciation – Growth of Income – Inflation Protection

Alternative Investments – Absolute Returns – Diversification Benefits – Low correlation with traditional asset classes

Socially Responsible Investing – SRI Compliance, Ethical Investing, Returns and Responsibility

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